WhatsApp Status VS Instagram Stories | Snapchat | Facebook : The Ultimate Face-Off!

WhatsApp has come a long way since it got recognition in the Social Media World. The user base has increased upto 1 billion. When Facebook became the owner of this great platform- we get numerous trendy updates. And WhatsApp Status is one of the best features till the date. This messaging app tried to follow the path of Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories. Although the variations of WhatsApp Status features are not as huge as Snapchat or Instagram have. But people have loved the new inclusion of  WhatsApp.

However, we have shared our comparative study of WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat. Scroll down and take a look. You will have a clear idea of which platform is the best?

WhatsApp Status VS Other Social Media Platforms

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The “Story” feature of WhatsApp came into the role in 2016. Facebook, the owner, has decided to clone Snapchat’s story feature in WhatsApp. You can post image, GIF, video, audio, text, link anything in your WhatsApp Status. Share status with your contacts and send your thoughts.

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook itself; have the “Story” feature. Each of them works pretty much in a similar way. But there are some minor differences. We are going to talk about that only. So that you can have the full view of how these platforms differ from each other?

Here you go!

WhatsApp Status VS Instagram Stories

WhatsApp has successfully left Instagram behind by having one billion plus users. But Instagram has only 300 million users. Although Instagram offers more variation in the story feature, WhatsApp is welcomed worldwide.


However, let’s know the specifications of Instagram Stories and how it differs from WhatsApp Status?

  • Features for- Video Editing in Instagram story
  • Normal Mode lets you access the standard video format
  • Boomerang Mode collects a burst of photos and loops it to produce a moving image
  • Superzoom Mode allows you to focus on a point only to give your video a dramatic effect
  • Rewined Mode plays your video in reverse
  • Hands-free Mode helps you in shooting a video without using your hand
  • Stop-Motion Mode puts the extra quotient of animation in your video

Customizing Features

Face Filter is here to add cute bunny ears or a flower crown and many more in your photo or video. Open the face filter option and make your Instagram story a fun.

Also, you can draw & handwrite in your story. Change background, colour changing for text, add emoticons, and more are offered through Instagram stories. You can use the peek-a-boo effect or “Poll” feature to taste your popularity

After knowing all these story features of Instagram, you must be wondering – Why Instagram has a small user base than WhatsApp?

Actually, WhatsApp Status is a simplified feature. As in, it doesn’t let you have such filters or customizations for your post. Though background colour change, text size, colour changing emoji, and some other features are there, still it’s not enough in comparison of Instagram.

Most of the people love the simplicity of WhatsApp Status. And that’s the key reason behind this massive popularity of WhatsApp.

Now check how WhatsApp Status has defeated Snapchat and Facebook Stories?


WhatsApp Status VS Snapchat

You can use Snapchat Story to share your thoughts to a large scale of people. These stories are available to any person. Until you choose the settings as per your convenience.

Best Whatsapp Status

However, here is an excellent feature like group story sharing. You can create a group with your friends and can post your snaps there. Your saved snaps, photos or videos will get disappeared within 24 hours.

WhatsApp status doesn’t let you do such things. This messaging platform permits you single sharing only. And the great feature in WhatsApp Status is- you can choose the contacts. Just your chosen people will be able to see your status for WhatsApp. That’s why a lot of people have preferred WhatsApp over Snapchat.

WhatsApp Status VS Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are recently introduced. You can add videos, images, or something that you will love to share with other people. Facebook doesn’t let you choose contacts for showing your stories, unlike WhatsApp. Whoever is in your friend list will be able to see the status updates from you. This social media platform also offers you some filter or customization. Apply those in your video or image and make it more appealing.

In conclusion, most of the people love to stick to their favourite platform. And it’s the key reason for WhatsApp’s such massive usability. We can hope to see more updates in WhatsApp Status Features in future. For further query, you can use the comment box below.


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