WhatsApp Alternatives- Top 6 Apps You Must Check

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned messaging platform. The owners are making moves to monetize WhatsApp, considering its vast popularity. Additionally, many new updates are coming out now and then. Most of us have loved those exclusive integrations. On the other hand, some of us are not really happy. And want to shift to other WhatsApp Alternatives.

The urge of using another messaging app had increased especially when the significant changes came out. Owners announced to share user data with Facebook. And that is shocking for all the people who crave for a private, secured messaging app. Also, the new buzz is Facebook is going to run customized ads in WhatsApp Status. And the ads will be unavoidable just like Facebook ads. This news has also annoyed numerous people.

However, we have researched and ended up making a list of top 6 WhatsApp Alternative Apps. Check it out and go for the suitable one.

WhatsApp Alternatives

 Whatsapp status

Several applications are there that can replace WhatsApp and manage your messages conveniently. Here is the top 6 app’s list. Scroll down to know.

Telegram Messanger

For a while, Telegram Messanger is known as WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. This open-source messaging platform packs some cool features. That’s why it is still the best as WhatsApp Alternatives like the yesteryears.

Best Whatsapp Status

The telegram has the almost same format of messaging like WhatsApp. But Telegram has some more integration of features that most of the people will love.

  • Telegram Messanger lets you make a Super Group of almost 5000 people
  • Some public channels are here
  • Also, you can customize your user name later
  • You can share a file up to 1.5 GB with Telegram Messanger

Moreover, it has safety features- passcode lock for security along with the self-destructing message and exclusive end-to-end encryption facilities for secret chats.

Telegram Bots takes care that you have a smooth experience. These bots bring new upgradations to enhance your Telegram Messanger. You can even play games in the messaging app by gaming bots. Isn’t it awesome?

Anyway, let’s take a glance at other WhatsApp Alternatives.


Are you looking for a fresh new messaging app? The Wire is here to make rank 2 in our top 6 list. Due to it’s the attractive user interface and unique feature Wire is creating a buzz. The wire is also a WhatsApp Alternative Open-Source and featured with end-to-end message encryption. Whatever you share in the app it’s secured. Even you can use this messaging platform on different devices at a time.

Many WhatsApp Alternatives have the same kind of boring interface. But Wire spices it up. Alongside, it provides such unique features like group video calls up to 10 people. Timed messages or self-destructing messages are also on the list. You can delete messages from the recipient’s device as well.

If you ask our takes, then Wire can be new in the group, but it has something unique to replace WhatsApp.

Now move to another WhatsApp Alternative App Google Allo.

Google Allo

Google has launched their brand new messaging app- Google Allo. It’s not recognized worldwide still Google Allo a viable WhatsApp Alternative. The brilliant feature of Allo is the Google Voice Assistant. Undoubtedly, integration of voice assistant in Allo is enough to enhance our experience.

Google Allo

You can get the news of Weather, nearby places, flights, or something else you’d like with the voice assistance of Google Allo. Not only that but also setting alarms or reminders, navigating to place or playing games are too easy with Google Allo.

Other than Google Voice Assistant, Allo provides you with other unique features. You can use Gboard, Incognito Chats or Smart Replies with great end-to-end encryption with this WhatsApp Alternative Secure.

Well, now check what’s more we have?

Signal Private Messanger

The signal is a WhatsApp Alternative Open Source system to power-up WhatsApp’s and Facebook’s end-to-end message encryption. Hence, Signal Private Messenger naturally brings tight security for your chats.

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal provides the timed message feature and screen security. So you can delete messages from the device of recipients, and anyone can’t take any screenshot. Signal also renders the backup process for your notes and other activities.

You will also get facilities like file sharing, SMS support, and cross-platform support. If you are in search of a secure and straightforward WhatsApp Alternative- Signal Private Messaging App is the answer.


Viber is another WhatsApp Alternative to stand toe-to-toe when it comes to features. The Viber is a VoIP app with some unique offerings. You will get the end-to-end encryption not only for messages but also for your calls, and shared media. Furthermore, if you are using Viber in multiple devices, you will get data encryption for all of them. Hence, this messaging app is a multi-device support app.

Viber helps you with the Video Calling feature like WhatsApp. But Viber stays one step up the ladder with it’s Viber Out feature. You can make an international video call to non-Viber users at minimal cost with this Viber Out.

You will get all the stickers, emoticons, last seen, file sharing, public accounts, voice and video messages, Google Drive backup and more with Viber just like WhatsApp. Also, you can play games inside this WhatsApp Status Alternative. Considering all the features, Viber is the packed in with all WhatsApp facilities and some more.

It’s time to check out the last member of our list.



The highly popular cross-platform messaging app is LINE. This app packs in tons of features. Look some of them below.

  • End-to-end encryption for the message, video, calls
  • Voice and video call support
  • LINE Out feature for international calls with non-LINE users
  • Amazing sticker store and the “Keep” store to save your favourite messages, photos or videos
  • Also, get the status updates from your friends in the timeline section
  • Passcode lick system and filter message feature gives you extra protection

Give LINE a shot and enjoy this WhatsApp Alternative App.

In conclusion, there are multiple apps to provide you with great features. But you need to choose the best one. As in, you will be replacing the globally popular platform WhatsApp. So, your WhatsApp Alternatives must cope up with your requirements. In case, you need further info or have any query use the comment box below.


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