USPS Tracking Red Alert- Definition of Each Package Status

While tracking the status of your package, users come across various delivery status. The USPS Tracking Red Alert is one of them. We will tell you everything about each type of package status here. And also, if you find any difficulties in understanding anything, you can seek out for immediate assistance.

USPS Tracking

Before going to the meaning of USPS Tracking Red Alert and why does it occur, we will tell you about other statuses as well so that you can understand about the alert message easily.

Not Found Error Message- USPS Tracking Red Alert

When you receive the “Item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please verify with the package sender and check back later.” message, you have to consider one of the following facts has taken place-

  1. The carrier hasn’t received or accepted your package yet
  2. The carrier hasn’t entered your tracking information or hasn’t yet scanned the barcode of your package
  3. You have entered an incorrect or invalid tracking number
  4. The product was posted many days back and the information is not available anymore.

 Generally, after the sender ships your package, the carrier will process the shipment and then they will scan and enter the tracking information. If a delay occurs between the scanning events and tracking availability in their system, an error can occur likewise. Usually, it takes a few days to process the information and made it available online. So the best will be if you try again later.

In Transit- USPS Tracking Red Alert

Here is the general explanation of the “Item has shipped from originating country and is en route to its destination” message-

  1. Your package has been handed over to your local carrier and the shipment is in transit
  2. The package or shipment item has been dispatched or departed from its country of origin
  3. Your item has been landed to the destination country and is currently pending for customs inspection
  4. The product has arrived its destination country and in the duration of domestic transportation

You always need to pay attention to the detailed tracking information. If your item has arrived at its destination country, you should track it within 1-2 days and observe the latest updates.

Undelivered- USPS Tracking Alert

If your item was attempted delivery but failed, you need to contact the USPS customer portal. This can occur due to various reasons-

  1. The most possible reason for this alert can be wrong address, the addresse was not available at the time of delivery, the delivery was re-scheduled etc.

If you’re sure your package was not delivered successfully, you can call the carrier to get the details.

USPS Tracking Red Alert

Due to the item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc. reasons, you can get a red alert.

USPS Tracking red alert
  1. If the addressee refuses the item; incorrect address etc. occurs, you can receive this message
  2. If the product was found in a bad condition, it may also get returned to the sender.
  3. The package may be damaged or lost during the transportation.

If you find any of these error messages, you can call directly at USPS phone number or go to USPS customer portal for remote assistance.

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