USPS No Update After International Dispatch

Many people complain they get no update of their shipment after an international dispatch. This doesn’t happen usually. But there can be a few factors that can influence the tracking update of your package. Let’s discuss what you should do if you find the USPS No Update After International Dispatch error.

International Shipments- USPS First-Class International


USPS international packages can take up to 8 weeks to reach the delivery address. In most cases, they do not take that long and always deliver before the delivery date. If you are unable to find the status of your item, you can call the USPS customer support portal. But we recommend you to wait at least for 6 weeks before you call the customer care.

It can also take some time for the shipment to reach the customs as well as to your local postal carrier. Unfortunately, you can’t track USPS First-Class Mail International packages as there is no tracking available. If you see any tracking ID corresponding to the order package, it is actually a custom ID. This ID is basically used by USPS within the US until the package reaches the port of the export and handed off to the USPS portal.

When USPS hands off the package to your local carrier, occasionally, through your carrier, the custom ID can reveal the custom status of your shipment package. Still, this process isn’t guaranteed.

Domestic Shipments- USPS No Update After International Dispatch

We understand the frustration when your package status does not get updated by the USPS portal. Due to many reasons, this can happen; sometimes bad weather condition, sometimes your carrier doesn’t scan the barcode of the item at the intermediary stops. In these cases, you don’t get any update of your package. Other times, when your carrier performs other additional transit safety measures based on the contents of the package, you can also face this USPS No Update After Domestic Dispatch error.

USPS Tracking

Sometimes when USPS try to move packages quicker, they can also skip the scanning process. Since the scanning also takes additional time, USPS run behind to move the packages quicker. The USPS First-Class and Priority Mail services do not provide a guaranteed delivery date. They only provide an expected delivery date.

You can reach out to the USPS customer service portal to figure out how you get the USPS Tracking status of your package when this kind of things happen. If you encounter any delay from their end, you can freely ask for their advice. Above all, we always recommend you to enter the correct USPS tracking number to find the correct status of your package. If that doesn’t actually help, you can try to call the USPS customer portal eventually.

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