USPS Tracking Not Updating International – Easy Fixes

Are you facing difficulties in tracking your internationally shipped package through USPS? USPS Tracking Not Updating International is a common worry among USPS clients. The universal tracking entirely relies upon the accessibility of the USPS International delivery. Alongside, there are specific protocols which must have to be maintained for the international shipments.

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We are here to discuss all the reasons associated with the issue. Moving forward you are going to get some fixes as well. So, scroll through and fix your USPS Tracking Not Updating International with ease.

The United States Postal Services is the best postal service provider for the people of the U.S., But in many cases, the International Shipping Service disappoint the customers on many aspects. USPS Tracking Not Updating International is one of the unavoidable issues that the users face with USPS. Well, here is an insight into the problem.

USPS International Tracking not updating – What causes the problem?

Talking about international mailing service, it is different in many ways from regular domestic mailing service. There can be a list of issues associated because of which the USPS International Tracking not updating for your shipment.

The primary reason can be the package has not been scanned by the shipping carrier yet, that’s why there is no update in the USPS Tracking System.

Or else if you have recently received the report about the scanning of the package by the shipping carriers, then there might be some delay, and you will have to wait for 2-3 business days to get any further update.

Alongside those two, there can be some different reasons too. Here is why you are facing the USPS Tracking Not Updating International.

Wrong Carrier

There are lots of postal service companies who depend on the USPS framework to deliver their shipments. Whole tracking exchange process will require more time if you have selected some other carrier than USPS to ship your item. That’s why your shipment update gets delayed.

Name Error

On many occasions, the problem happens because of the name error. The issue arises because of a misspelled name or even because of printing the name more than once on the package. It just increases the confusion between the USPS officials and your package gets skipped from scanning, and the USPS Status is not being updated. Eventually, the outcome is you can’t track your package through USPS Tracking System.

Unscannable Barcode


The barcode attached with your package often become unscannable due to poor handling. In such cases, the USPS officials can’t scan your package and update the tracker with the latest information. As a result, you face the USPS Tracking Not Updating International issue with your package.

Tips to  Resolve USPS Tracking Not Updating International

Whenever you confront an issue with the USPS Tracking, you can try one of the following resolutions,

Dial Ask-1800

You can dial the USPS Customer Service Number and talk to the support person about the USPS Tracking Not Updating International issue you are facing. Just share the required details about your shipment like USPS Tracking Number and other details furnished in the receipt. The individual will offer you the insight of specific issue that has occurred.

Keep Checking The USPS Tracking Portal

The tracking information gets updated from time to time through the whole day. There are chances that you can see some report on your package shipment at one point in time. You must look into your email as well. You will be notified if your package, has been delayed or lost. If you have received any mail from the carrier you must contact them and ask them to track your package.

In conclusion, we would like to suggest you wait for a day or two before start acting when you find that USPS Tracking Not Updating International shipment. There can be some temporary error which leads you to the problem. Playing the waiting game will automatically fix the issue. If you have some other difficulties with the USPS Tracking you can ask us here in the comment box for assistance. You can quench your queries about USPS by going through our other posts. Don’t miss out on submitting your feedback. It will help us to keep going.




USPS No Update After International Dispatch

Many people complain they get no update of their shipment after an international dispatch. This doesn’t happen usually. But there can be a few factors that can influence the tracking update of your package. Let’s discuss what you should do if you find the USPS No Update After International Dispatch error.

International Shipments- USPS First-Class International


USPS international packages can take up to 8 weeks to reach the delivery address. In most cases, they do not take that long and always deliver before the delivery date. If you are unable to find the status of your item, you can call the USPS customer support portal. But we recommend you to wait at least for 6 weeks before you call the customer care.

It can also take some time for the shipment to reach the customs as well as to your local postal carrier. Unfortunately, you can’t track USPS First-Class Mail International packages as there is no tracking available. If you see any tracking ID corresponding to the order package, it is actually a custom ID. This ID is basically used by USPS within the US until the package reaches the port of the export and handed off to the USPS portal.

When USPS hands off the package to your local carrier, occasionally, through your carrier, the custom ID can reveal the custom status of your shipment package. Still, this process isn’t guaranteed.

Domestic Shipments- USPS No Update After International Dispatch

We understand the frustration when your package status does not get updated by the USPS portal. Due to many reasons, this can happen; sometimes bad weather condition, sometimes your carrier doesn’t scan the barcode of the item at the intermediary stops. In these cases, you don’t get any update of your package. Other times, when your carrier performs other additional transit safety measures based on the contents of the package, you can also face this USPS No Update After Domestic Dispatch error.

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Sometimes when USPS try to move packages quicker, they can also skip the scanning process. Since the scanning also takes additional time, USPS run behind to move the packages quicker. The USPS First-Class and Priority Mail services do not provide a guaranteed delivery date. They only provide an expected delivery date.

You can reach out to the USPS customer service portal to figure out how you get the USPS Tracking status of your package when this kind of things happen. If you encounter any delay from their end, you can freely ask for their advice. Above all, we always recommend you to enter the correct USPS tracking number to find the correct status of your package. If that doesn’t actually help, you can try to call the USPS customer portal eventually.

USPS Tracking Red Alert- Definition of Each Package Status

While tracking the status of your package, users come across various delivery status. The USPS Tracking Red Alert is one of them. We will tell you everything about each type of package status here. And also, if you find any difficulties in understanding anything, you can seek out for immediate assistance.

USPS Tracking

Before going to the meaning of USPS Tracking Red Alert and why does it occur, we will tell you about other statuses as well so that you can understand about the alert message easily.

Not Found Error Message- USPS Tracking Red Alert

When you receive the “Item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please verify with the package sender and check back later.” message, you have to consider one of the following facts has taken place-

  1. The carrier hasn’t received or accepted your package yet
  2. The carrier hasn’t entered your tracking information or hasn’t yet scanned the barcode of your package
  3. You have entered an incorrect or invalid tracking number
  4. The product was posted many days back and the information is not available anymore.

 Generally, after the sender ships your package, the carrier will process the shipment and then they will scan and enter the tracking information. If a delay occurs between the scanning events and tracking availability in their system, an error can occur likewise. Usually, it takes a few days to process the information and made it available online. So the best will be if you try again later.

In Transit- USPS Tracking Red Alert

Here is the general explanation of the “Item has shipped from originating country and is en route to its destination” message-

  1. Your package has been handed over to your local carrier and the shipment is in transit
  2. The package or shipment item has been dispatched or departed from its country of origin
  3. Your item has been landed to the destination country and is currently pending for customs inspection
  4. The product has arrived its destination country and in the duration of domestic transportation

You always need to pay attention to the detailed tracking information. If your item has arrived at its destination country, you should track it within 1-2 days and observe the latest updates.

Undelivered- USPS Tracking Alert

If your item was attempted delivery but failed, you need to contact the USPS customer portal. This can occur due to various reasons-

  1. The most possible reason for this alert can be wrong address, the addresse was not available at the time of delivery, the delivery was re-scheduled etc.

If you’re sure your package was not delivered successfully, you can call the carrier to get the details.

USPS Tracking Red Alert

Due to the item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc. reasons, you can get a red alert.

USPS Tracking red alert
  1. If the addressee refuses the item; incorrect address etc. occurs, you can receive this message
  2. If the product was found in a bad condition, it may also get returned to the sender.
  3. The package may be damaged or lost during the transportation.

If you find any of these error messages, you can call directly at USPS phone number or go to USPS customer portal for remote assistance.